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Saitama Hand & Microsurgery Institute

Hands play an important role in human life. Their powerful and versatile functions are indispensable to performing daily activities including bread-and-butter work, sports, and the arts such as painting, sculpting, and playing musical instruments. In addition, the hands are used to express feelings, just like the face, and they are often exposed to the public eye, so preserving their natural beauty is also important.

The Saitama Hand & Microsurgery Institute provides treatment for people suffering from traumatic injuries including fractures, amputations, tendon and nerve injuries, contractures due to scarring, tenosynovitis, neurological disorders, osteoarthritis, tumors, and innate deformities from the elbow to the fingertip. We are also engaged in research into new treatment methods, and the training of doctors aspiring to become hand surgeon specialists.

Our ultimate goal is to contribute to the progress of society by performing hand surgery.



福本恵三所長が2020年2月17日、第19回深谷寄居産婦人科医会/深谷寄居医師会学術講演会で「更年期以降の女性 …






福本恵三所長が2019年10月9日から12日、フィレンツェで開催されたイタリア手外科学会学術総会で「裂手症手術 …

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